Braden Brenizer


My artistic journey started at a young age. In high school I would make flyers for my bands shows. I took a $10 digital camera and would walk around my small town and take photographs of everything and would use them for our flyers. To this day they are still some of my favorite photographs. Throughout my 20's I still pursed art in some form or another. Playing in bands, writing, photography and eventually cinematography. On top of my travels and adventures I strive to blend my love of photography, music, art, nature and cinema into an all encompassing lifestyle. 




I have always had a passion for the arts. I have been shooting professionally for the past 4 years both photography and cinematography. I have shot everything from Fashion, Engagements, Portraits, Weddings and Music. I think having a strong eye for fashion and art translates into my style of shooting. As far as cinematography I treat every project like I would my own. I like things to look and feel as cinematic as possible. Music has always been very important to me and I have been a recording musician for the past decade, I believe that a marriage between visuals and music is very important. I strive for my clients the get a strong feeling from the art we create together, wether it be goosebumps or even shed a tear. I think that every person I work with should have fond memory’s.